How do you get your Internet News?

We have seen the decline of newspaper and then a decline in network news. Therefore, with more people turning to the Internet for their news the Neilson rating system is tracking who is read the most. The good news for newspapers is as the circulation drops they can sell ad space on line as in July 2008 ten of the top thirty sites were newspapers. The number one site with a 150% lead over number two is the Drudge Report. Fox New Channel was second followed by CNN. Most people believe the Drudge report and Fox are right wing based media outlets, which is a fair assumption. This also confirms that right wing people need to go to these places to get the news they want to hear about. The proof that the lame stream media is a shell for the left is that the only left wing site in the top ten is the dailykos at number five. The drudge report has been revamped as of let concentrating on more news that is international and moving away from general celebrity watching. The Drudge report does not get the credit it deserves we believe, as it has been a force to be reckoned with since he said Monica Lewinsky had that dress. The hard numbers for Drudge are Sessions per Person 20.5 compared to 8.2 for Fox.

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