Hey you step away from the Cheeseburger

A story reported today is one of those that make you so angry on multiple levels, when  you do not even know where to start. In Alabama, the state that was just been raised to third in national obesity rankings. A knee jerk reaction as an ultimatum was sent to over 37,000 state workers. They must either get in shape in one year or face a $25 a month increase for insurance. Remember when we first heard they were trying to ban smoking indoors, people said that if the government was allowed to stop things in the name of your own best interest it would not stop at cigarettes. At the time we thought that was crazy, they even used McDonalds French Fries saying they were not good for you and could be banned. It seemed at the time it was just on lobby group trying to protect their turf. Eventually there became more non smokers than smokers and smokers were moved outside. This makes me feel that argument was right all along. When we hear that if you allow gay marriage, next their will be people asking for incest, animals and even rocks, where will it end. We all brush that off as you are out of your mind it will never happen as well as having nothing to do with gay marriage. But let us move away from that, here is the part of the story that will anger all hard working people that pay for insurance. The cost of health insurance for state workers in Alabama is nothing. Everybody in America is paying through the nose for healthcare; the government is doing nothing about the rising costs. The people they employee pay nothing. Wait a minute somebody must be paying, it is not free, oh we get it, you are not only paying for your family, you are paying for state workers families as well. Just when you think you have a solid footing in the world another gross oversight spoils all hope of a fair system.

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