Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman come on down

Reports are starting to swell that Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman is going to speak at the Republicans convention on September 1 in St. Paul, as they begin the process to nominate John McCain for president. This is not a surprise based on his strong support for the Iraq war and backing John McCain through out the campaign. There have been some quiet rumors that he is even being considered a potential McCain running mate. The only problem is a ticket of a 70 and 66 year old does not appeal to a younger generation. This would be away to have an appeal to the Clinton supportors who seem to be unable to accept she is not the nominee. There was a poll over the weekend that 28% of the democrats want her to be the running mate with Barak Obama with only single digits for all others. There has been no formal announcement that Lieberman will speak as the four terms Senator seems destine to play the role Zell Miller played in 2004. This is quite a ledge Lieberman seems to stepping out on as the last time he spoke at a convention was 2000, it was for the democratic side and he was the nominee for vice president, we are not sure but this must be the first time in history something like this has happened. He adds to quite a line up for the first night of the convention as President George W. Bush, First Lady Laura Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger have already been set in the lineup. Lieberman is out of the country as he is on a trip to the Republic of Georgia, Poland and the Ukraine. He should be back in Washington by Friday and she some light on what his plans are.

It’s a story of a man Who works as hard as he can
Just to be a man who stands on his own

W. Axl Rose 1991

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