So today we hear that Rosanne Barr wrote some information that is stupid and even more obnoxious then her tired act. Do you need to be reminded of who Rosanne Barr is, as she has become about as irrelevant as you can possibly be. She blasted Jon Voight for going on the Glen Beck Show and telling the truth about Barak Obama’s lack of experience, lack of a definitive plan, and pie in the sky world he believes he can deliver. Everyone is entitled to an opinion even from someone who has had three husbands in twelve years, butchered the national anthem, and changes religion like moo moos. She jumped ugly on Jon Vioght, which is fine, but then she jumped on Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. She said they make so much money from their violent blockbuster movies they are corrupted, to bad they could not get roles in the Rosanne blockbusters She Devil and Even Cowgirls Get the Blues. She said they need to find homes for the children of the third world to make themselves sleep well at night because of the ridiculous amount of money they make. This is where we have the problem did she really just dump on those two people for actually doing good things, did they support John McCain? There can be a lot said about that couple, but the good things they do with the money they have earned is not one of them. She is way out of line, out of her mind and on the way back to obscurity based on these stupid remarks. Rosanne we hardly missed you and now we know why you have been forgotten. cheap flights from the uk to the whole world
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I brought me an illusion,and I put it on the wall
I let it fill my head with dreams
and I had to have them all
W. Axl Rose 1991

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