The Blog Ahead – Charlize Theron

We at tea512 are turning a corner we have been making posts, but not allowing comments. This maybe considered one-sided thinking (guess that is the definition). The reason for this was we never thought anyone was going to read what we had to say except for our small group. So as of today with this post the comments sign is always open. The other thing we have a backlog of photos that we have been saving so this is a new Monday feature we are going to feature a new pretty (celebrity) girl photo every week. We want to thank everyone that has read something we hope we are here to tell you something you did not hear, open your mind to agree or disagree, voice our opinion on a matter, lash out at what we feel is wrong, and applaud for those who fight the good fight. This is post # 176 we have enjoyed the friends we have made, there are some alliances we are proud to have made, and there are other things that makes this experience more than we had ever anticipated. Thanks and welcome to the new era in tea512. Today’s photo is of Charlize Theron


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