Napster for Magazines

Stop me if you heard this one before. Digital piracy, but not for music, movies, or software this time it is magazines. The internet has had an effect on newspapers and now magazines have seen declining sales and ad revenue, industry wide. A website called currently lets people copy and upload magazines that are currently on newsstands. This allows viewers of the site to read these magazines free of charge from cover to cover. These high quality files are of some of the top magazines on the newsstand today. The website was set up offsite and has 16,000 registered users. This is the Napster argument all over again, where it is Ok for me to buy a product and share with a friend, but when I share with millions on line that is copyright infringement. This based on these other cases is against the law, but truth be told you have to dig deeper. Are these people who are reading the magazines online people who were ever going to buy the magazine? We think more than likely not as if it was not free they would not even look at it. On a smaller scale when you are at a doctors office reading people is that not the same thing on a smaller scale? There are laws against all of this, but just like with Napster people have been recorded music from the radio, borrowing CD from a friend, and hundreds of other creative ways to copy songs. Bit torrent sites have had full copies of magazines available for years. So this will be in court someday with the intellectual property used as the reason, because pictures of Ashlee Simpson poolside in a bikini while pregnant, taken by paparazzi at tree level can be considered – intellectual. The best part of this story is the domain name is registered to John Smith with a company called Salveo Ltd. The location is the Caribbean island nation ofAnguilla, which is a British overseas territory. So they cannot be dragged into US court. So guess who is going to be under the judge’s gavel, you guessed it the people who are caught using the site in the US.

But now the damage’s done
And we’re back out on the run
Fun how everything was roses
When we held on to the guns

W. Axl Rose 1991