Here’s…….foreclosure / A gun in my bag?

Ed McMahon’s Beverly Hills mansion is about to go into foreclosure. How this can happen is a mystery. The story broke as Donald Trump stepped into to buy the place and give the Johnny Carson’s 30 year late night side kick a place to stay. Ed McMahon is 85 years old and defaulted on the 4.8 million dollar loan after not working for 18 months after a neck injury. He bought the home in 1990 this is not a guy who has been out of work or was not connected. He was the spokesperson for Budweiser, he worked on Star Search and he had to paid for working 30 years along side Johnny Carson five nights a week. It is amazing how this Hollywood people can let their bank accounts dwindle to nothing just to live a lifestyle. This is just another case of spending beyond your means forgetting where you came from and how hard it is to get there. Another guy from the same era, Jerry Lewis tried to bring a gun through Las Vegas airport. The weapon was found in his carry-on and then confiscated by police. There is some confusion over if the weapon, which is claimed to be a stage prop by Lewis, was real. It appears that he was given the gun as a gift. It had to real based on the police report, because if the gun was fake he would not have been charged with carrying an unloaded concealed weapon. The octogenarians running a muck on the west coast at least these two can get together over Labor day for the MD telethon and have some great “what I did over summer vacation stories”

when you stare don’t you think I feel it
But I’m going to deal it back to you in spades

W. Axl Rose 1991