We don’t need your stinkin ipod

Microsoft’s Zune and Hollywood might be getting into bed together to help MS have something that the iPod does not. Microsoft is trying to get licensing exclusives for original video programming. The idea is to have content that only Zune users can view. This is an attempt for the Zune to set it self apart from the iPod, iTouch, and iPhone, that have become not only a household item, but a household term. The Zune would like the programming to be something that could capitalize on the social networking platform already in place. They seem open to either locking up the content or have it as a first run exclusive. The Zune has been on the market since November of 2006 and in 21 months, they have sold only two million units. If you compare that with Apple iPods, they sell about 3.5 million a month on average. This is a hail mary at best for the Zune; we believe this is a final attempt to salvage this product line. We could not imagine what kind of content could make people want a Zune over and iPod. The status alone of an iPod makes a replacement impossible; the Zune would have to settle as being a companion to iPod. The example of this is the people who get a satellite dish for football season to get the NFL package from DirectTV, but they keep their cable provider as well. Microsoft has made in roads with NBC and the have a popular video game Halo that helped make the Xbox a companion product to Playstation. The question becomes is Microsoft happy with making and producing things that are not considered the best and only one needed, but are only used because of the content rights they own?

Yesterday, there was so many things
I was never told Now that I’m starting to learn
I feel I’m growing old
W. Axl Rose 1991

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