Power of the Internet

I do not have to tell you how powerful the Internet is, right? Let me give you a couple of examples of how putting the pen to the paper can be so far reaching it can blow your mind. We started this little blog because we love to write, since getting a newspaper job is out of the question this seemed like a fun alternative. We had always thought we were posting things just for each other to read. Well two posts have changed all of that. The first was a post made written about the website Pijoo. When it was posted, it was only on tea512. The power of the Internet the actual CEO found it online and responded through his blog to all the users, then replied to us through the website. Then the problem we had seen the on the site was changed. The other instance was a post about the movie “Who kill the electric car?” Near the bottom of the post, we mentioned a couple of the key players in the movie. The article was posted on a Saturday. Then on Sunday there was a lengthy comment posted to the article by one of the key players we mentioned. The fact that you can post articles on the World Wide Web for all to see, but then actually be seen by people that you reference is a far more mind blowing experience. we never could have expected this from jsut the little blog that could, so we move forward and upward with principle and purpose. 

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