Last Comic Shilling

Who cares right the finale of Last Comic Standing was about to announce the 2008 winner. You know the person will be named and we will never hear from them again. Kind of like the past winners of Nashville Star, America’s Got Talent, Can you Duet, do I need to continue? Funny that the winner of the previous Last Comic Standing was on the show, it was the first time I had seen him since he won and today I can not remember his name. None of that is why I am writing today although all are good topics. The finale was the night before the beginning of the Olympics which are also on NBC. So during the opening number it was a full blown Las Vegas style show stopper with multiple people performing stunts and going on and off the stage. They were all dressed in red, white and blue uniforms, with stars. They would come on stage dressed like swimmers, gymnasts, boxers, basketball players, representing all the sport of the Olympics. Then the host of the show walked on stage, torch in hand lighting the ceremonial flame on stage while two Chinese dragons looked on. That was not enough reminders that the Olympics start the next day, they displayed a transparent Olympic /NBC logo on the right of screen for the entire show telling you only one day to go. Then every 10 minutes a scroll would run telling you about the Olympics. If all this was not enough when they came out of a commercial break the ad for the Olympics you pop up to about the quarter of the size of the screen. It seemed so over the top and since it was incorporated into the show. During the ninety minutes they also promoted the next season of Deal or No Deal with Howie Mandel appearing on stage not as a comedian but as the game show host. All in all NBC once again displayed total disregard for the people who actually watch there shows, logs, ads during content, ad during performances, and teleprompter ads given lip service by the hosts. You can use your DVR to get away from commercials but when it is hidden in content we are stuck as the Last Viewer Bombarded.

You cry and moan and complain
You whine an tear

Up to my neck in sorrow,The touch you bring

W. Axl Rose 1991
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