2000 – Florida // 2004 – Ohio // 2008 – ?

Barak Obama Democratic presidential candidate is putting funds and staffing in a certain seven states that is lopsided by comparison to Republican John McCain. The states are Alaska, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Montana, North Dakota and Indiana. The reason for the last few presidential election cycles these states have voted for Republican presidential candidates. Due to the new demographic and recent political shifts, these are new battlegrounds. Obama has run five weeks worth of television advertising; campaign workers are locating unregistered voters targeting both black and young people.  Obama spent a lot of time in these during the primaries when McCain made limited stops. Virginia is leaning democratic, so McCain is giving special interest to that poll. In North Carolina a state that has seen its demographic change. This is viewed by McCain as another problem so a full staff from the GOP is on the way. As always you hear blacks and young voters are registering at high pace in favor of the Illinois Senator creating many battleground states that are up in the air as the big day approaches. The charm of Barak Obama is not rubbing off as we have stated many times no one will call him out on anything. As his platform stands for nothing, he has no record to stand on as the smoke and mirrors campaign is unstoppable. He keeps talking about his programs will give American happiness and bring them hope. The problem with him and all democrats is, the Declaration of Independence says the government is granting me the “Pursuit of Happiness” not just hand it to me through a government program.

you can’t trust freedom When it’s not in your hands
When everybody’s fighting For their promised land

W. Axl Rose 1991