One is the Loneliest Number

Al Franken takes getting one vote at a time to a new level. We reported how much of a joke we think the campaign for U.S. Senator of Minnesota would be for Al Franken in this post. Then we found out over the weekend, that Friday the United States Senate candidate Al Franken held a roundtable discussion on veteran’s issues at Brigitte’s Café. This campaign scheduled event had only one person show up. This was not a ten minute stop as the event lasted an hour, still only one person. Current United States Senator Norm Coleman, a Republican has to be shaking in his boots over the ground swell for the Franken Democratic campaign. In typical Democratic fashion, talk about feel good big plans that your bank account can not cash. Franken wants to guarantee veteran health care for life, increasing funding for mental health treatment, and increasing pay and benefits for military personnel and families. Of course when pressed he did not know how much the program would cost, or how he would pay for it. Hopefully this is the writing on the wall the comedian will read, as this time the joke is on him, and we are all laughing at you, as no one is with you.

I’m climbing through the wreckage Of all my twisted dreams
But this cheap investigation just can’t
stifle all my screams

W. Axl Rose 1991