Leaving Graceland

Here is some Friday Fluff to set the weekend of on the right note. Elvis Presley had a favorite performance costume. This was a peacock jumpsuit, we have all seen it, the shiny white outfit with a huge plunging V-neck and famous high collar, which featured a blue-and-gold peacock design hand-embroidered on the front and back and along the pant legs. The Gotta Have It! Auction website sold the item for $300,000 this makes it the most expensive piece of Elvis memorabilia sold at auction. The highest selling Elvis collectible to date was $295,000 for his 1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II. That is a car the new record is for a stage outfit. Elvis Presley only paid $10,000 to have the outfit made by Los Angeles designer Bill Belew. The costume made its first appearance at an Elvis concert in the Los Angeles Forum on May 11, 1974. It was also used for the cover photo of the recording “Promised Land.” Belew created all of Presley‘s the stage wardrobe between they years of 68 to 77. Now with that important information out of the way we can all go about our business of having a really good summer weekend.

Nobody understands, quite why we’re here
We’re searching for answers that never appear

W. Axl Rose 1991