John McCain vs. Paris Hilton

Tea512 is supporting John McCain by default as we declared in this post. So Paris Hilton’s family was upset McCain used her face in an ad about useless celebrities. They should be upset they have donated enough money to the Grand Old Party, enough not to have their family members poked at. Paris Hilton return video that was blasted out to the media and has been shown more times free then the paid McCain ad it references. Our grip with this is not the over play of the media, that is what they do, it is not DNC for writing this script to make Paris look like she knows something about an energy plan. It is not even, the total   disrespect of calling a Presidential candidate names, or the countless references to him being old. Our problem is with Paris Hilton being upset that her picture was used. You are kidding right; this girl has spent the last four years of her life crashing every red carpet to get her picture taken. She has had a sex tape play all over the Internet. She is seen countless times all over Hollywood in short dresses flashing unmentionables to any photog with a hand on a camera. Today she is used in a commercial and she is upset they did not ask to use her picture. Britney Spears should be more upset, you can say what you want about her but she has sold albums, played concerts and entertained people. Paris Hilton has never done anything but use the trust fund money to launch products and get on the “A” list events. She has created a brand name of herself I understand that but who could not do that buy throwing old money (the best kind) at it. The whole thing is laughable.

I got my head in the clouds
I got these thoughts to churn
W. Axl Rose 1991