SAG strike Update

Tea512 has been watchnig for important news on the SAG talks since first post SAG Here We Go Again. The strike that has not happened yet is getting to a point of critical mass. The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) has now become divided against itself. Hollywood large studios and talks with SAG broke down over a month ago. They received the final offer on June 30. The contract talks broke off in July and have not resumed. So there is a motion to change the board members of SAG with 11 openings. The results will not be in until September 19. There is no way SAG can show they have any unity amongst their members with this change of events. This is slowing movie production as the studios do not want to start filming in the even there is a stoppage. The studios are holding onto a trump card as they believe the there is not enough votes for a strike, The SAG has 120,000 members and 75% would need to be in favor. Disney is in production with three films, Universal and Sony seem to be dormant with nothing scheduled for September or October and Fox only has one feature scheduled for production. SAG leader ship was called into question when it tried to kill the deals American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) when it tried to settle with the studios individually, this action was the first of it kind in 30 years and could be a reason for the infighting.  So there is news but no good news and the waiting continues it looks like until the end of September.

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