Plug In America

Tea512 would like to draw everyone’s attention to the movie “Who Killed the Electric Car?” and to the website Plug in America, these people are doing great work against massive odds, which they have encountered from the jump. The movie was a lesson in how Car companies, oil companies, state government, federal government, and consumers can be so off the mark and blinded by their own interests. There was no good outcome and due to the lack of support, only a handful of people appeared to care. The best part is they are all documented in this movie, as it will be around for years to come. After reading last week that General Motors has been losing money since 2005. Every talking head seems to believe they are heading toward asking the Federal government for a bailout. You are kidding right? After watching “Roger & Me” by Michael Moore and the above-mentioned film “Who Killed the Electric Car?” how can anyone have any pity for the company that ran itself into the ground. Plug in America did everything they could to help GM but they would not listen, so this is the result. The particulars are to vast to go into and the movie does a much better job of explaining then we ever could. This is just a public record that we want to recognize the acts of PIA directors mainly Chelsea Sexton, and Paul Scott, they are only a few of the many people, but the cause they fight is epic and deserves to be seen by all as well as kept for prosperity.


When you feel the fire, and taste the flame

W. Axl Rose 1991

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