Free gas

Tea512 came across a story out of Fort Worth, Texas, a driver of a Cadillac hatched a plan to get free gas. The driver would pull his car to the side of the road and claim to be out of gas. He would stop near a gas station, so it is convenient for people to get him some the plan is another driver pulls ask if he needs help and that he had run out of gas and was broke. For that reason, the unsuspecting driver decides to do a good thing for the day. Then purchases a gallon of gas and even a gas can for the guy. When the Police seen him broken down for third time in the same spot, they started to ask questions. While they were, asking him questions one of his victims pulled up and told the Police what he had been told. The man was holding a brand new gas can, with a gallon of gas. The police ran the man license and he had an outstanding warrant, which lead to a search of the vehicle. When the officer opened the trunk there were four more gas cans inside. He was convincing people to either give him money, gas and sometimes both. This is not a crime but more of, what goes off in your head that makes you do this. There was no way to tell if he was even out of gas as the gauge in the car was broken. There is always someone out there relaying on the kindness of strangers for their own personal gain. Some days you just cannot believe the things you hear.

He said you ain’t special, So who you fooling

Don’t try to give me a line

W. Axl Rose 1991