Every Party Politics National Convention

Well we are half way through the convention season that crashes down on a city, brings four days of political zealots and party loyalists to the city in question. The media drops down from every corner of the country including newspaper, television and radio. The events themselves have been so scripted it is almost become a Broadway production. When you watch the whips running up and down the aisles giving out signs the delegates must wave. Then at the same time taking back the last sign so it is no longer seen in the camera shot. Every camera shot has been manipulated for maximum exposure from a national television aspect. This happens at both Democrat and Republican conventions, one of the biggest surprises in this year coverage so far is well, the lack of coverage. The prime time slots of Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Joseph Biden, and Barack Obama were all covered by the major nets but nothing else. In fact the slot was used mostly for talking heads to tell you what they think you will see to come. Most of the headline speeches were set to 15 or 30 minutes after the hour to have plenty of lead time. The only place to actually watch gavel to gavel coverage is on CSPAN. The channel is really just for political junkies, but this is where you needed to go if you wanted the real message of what the party was trying to get across. When we ask people if they watch it was always a piece of this, or a piece of that. One person told us, it was just a four day commercial for party view. We suppose the claim is correct but if you are going to have a commercial run for that length of time should it not be something this important. If you watch the DNC in Boston on July 27, 2004 (night two) the keynote speaker was Barack Obama and it was speech that made him a national candidate four years later. Tea512 thinks that it not a lot to ask that every four years American give up eight nights to find out what the leaders of this two party system have got to say.

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Nabbed the Bling Bandit – It is a Cop

The bling bandit in New York has allegedly been apprehended. It turns out to be a retired 33 year NYPD detective and Vietnam War veteran, he was suspected of nine bank robberies although at this time only charged with one. They common thread is they were all done while wearing a flashy watch and a shiny ring. He was picked up on Friday for the Queens bank robbery from July 10. Athelson Kelson, is 59 and is living with inoperable liver cancer, he could face up to seven years if convicted. The spree started on June 12 where he sometimes used a handgun and his last heist was Tuesday. The flashy ring that he wore was one you receive when you retire from the detective squad. It is a big gold ring with a replica of a gold shield detective badge; he was presented the ring in 2005. He would rob banks with a note often not having to say a word. It is unclear if Kelson was doing this in aims to get caught, hoping to set off a stand off with police. He did not wear any disguise during the robberies only a hat and sunglasses. The police must have been tipped by the ring but also he would tell the bank personal things about the money he wanted only a bank worker, or a detective would have knowledge of, most of the time the robberies netted less than $1000.


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Barack Obama from the Greek Temple

Did Senator Barack Obama do enough last night? Was it just more of the same talk from a liberal democrat running for president? Did he convince the Hillary supporters to jump on board? Well if you minus all of the questions as far as acceptance speeches go, this was like a halftime super bowl show without a football game. Senator Barack Obama is a great speaker, the speech was a laundry list of things he would like to see happen. They made great cheering points and not a one of them could be denied as the wrong thing to do. Living up to this agenda would be difficult, to say you will give national healthcare, dependence on foreign oil cuts in ten years, affordable college, and long-term care for veterans is one thing. To say that you will do that plus cut taxes for 95% of Americans is another. You will hear the same thing next week from McCain we understand about the show and the high cost of playing this game. So let us not muck ourselves in the details let answer the question we believe Senator Barack Obama  did enough last night to get a nice jump in the polls. We believe that it was nice to hear a liberal democrat say he would not raise taxes. We did think he is not as short sighted as Gore or Kerry that makes it a lot harder to handle for the republicans.  The Hillary supporters are the big issue and it was not answered last night. If there was a good third party candidate with a female VP choice, he would have to be worried but we think they will come around. Overall, the speech was a problem for McCain as it was not what we think they expected to hear from him. So here we are with three months to go after next week RNC, a few debates, it will be time to vote and see if America is ready for a President with little experience in Washington or a President with too much experience in Washington.


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More Megabytes for Dollars

These pay per megabyte Internet providers are not going away. Welcome to the fray Comcast, On Oct. 1, the cable company will allow 250 gigabytes of traffic per month. Customers who go over the limit will be contacted by the company. They have also mentioned in the past, that it might charge users $15 for every 10 gigabytes they go over. Comcast said the average usage of its customers, which is 2 to 3 gigabytes. This is now becoming real as we reported repeatedly on this blog. So welcome Comcast to the other providers who claim there is a broadband usage problem. The other whining ISP’s are Cox Communications, Time Warner, and Frontier Communications. The second largest provider has kicked open the door and thrown down the gauntlet, where all others will follow.

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Joe Biden that is all you got?

Well could it be anymore evident that Joe Biden was the wrong choice for Vice President. His speech was all right, but appeared to be plain as there were times when the crowd was sitting with their head resting on the hands. This election could have been won if Obama was not afraid of the Clinton dynasty and for that reason, he could be throwing it all away. If Obama cannot handle the pressure applied by the Clintons how in the world is he ever going to handle Putin or Ahmadinejad. The speech was good, the message was strong, he is just not a thrilling speaker. There was an energy when both Bill and Hillary Clinton gave their speeches that charged the hall as everyone hinged on every word. Joe Biden does not give you that, his son Beau was very electric and as an attorney general is someone to keep an eye on. We were surprised the campaign picked Biden to be the one to hammer McCain a colleague and friend for over thirty years. We thought this was going to be one of the Clintons job, guess no one can tell them what to say or do. After watching the speech Biden gave there was nothing to jump up and down about, give the handlers credit the idea to bring Obama out after the speech was genuios, as that brought the crowd up to a frenzy and sent them home buzzing. If it was Joe Biden, good night, house lights there might be a different feeling about the way the night had gone, and if he was the right choice. They are building a Greek temple for Obama; he will give a speech from at the fifty-yard line tonight. The place will be not in the hall but at Invesco Field at Mile High. There will be 80,000 people attending the acceptance speech. The phrase republicans have been throwing around “the speech from mile high that is an inch thick.” So tonight, is the night for Obama to turn 18 million Hillary voters to back him, and reach out to those 5% that have actually decided the last two elections and turn them blue from red. It is going to be good, stay tuned.


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Hillary sounded almost presidential

Tea512 has mentioned on numerous times in many posts about the media bias. They talking heads so caught up in it refuse to believe it is true. Last night was a perfect example. Hillary Clinton come out and gave the best speech of her life, one might even consider a presidential speech. So we sat around, we watched, we discussed, the first thing we noticed was she only said  Obama’s by name  a few times (ten), we noticed she never said he would be a great president although she said Michelle Obama would be a great first lady. She never said anything about why we should vote for Obama only the reason is that a republican will lead the country into more of the same abyss. Returning home the TV told a different story, Oberman the sports guy and Matthews a Obama ball washer were gushing about how great the speech was as a glowing endorsement of Obama. On CNN it was more of the same, one of the talking heads did say there was plenty for the right to have to say about the speech, but he never elaborated. Our take on the speech is she said what she had to say and in true Clinton fashion the appearance is a 100% support, but if he wins, she is done. There are 18 million people out there who supported her and they will still be there in 2012 unless this guy is still in the way. Hillary was a soldier but let us not kid ourselves the Clinton mafia is all about them and she knew what to say and she said what she had to, but nothing more as it was very mild endorsement at best.


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Pay by the Megabyte

We told you before about this new trend we are starting to see which scares us a little bit. Internet providers making you pay for usage as opposed to a flat fee. These reports say that a phone company is trying to do the same. Frontier Communications Corp. is the newest Internet service providers that are moving to make the subscribers who download the most pay more. Up until this point is was the cable companies have been talking of imposing usage caps. Frontier’s is going to allow just five gigabytes per month as a basic service. This right now is a problem for Frontier’s customers in New York. The problem will be if this catches on as the new revenue stream for the Internet providers charging heavy users more money, it will become the norm through out the industry. This would not be much different then cell phone usage minutes and getting unlimited texting, and an Internet plan. The question becomes is this happening because of a bandwidth issue, or is it a “hey we can charge more” issue so let us just do it. Frontier plans to start enforcing the five GB cap next year. Customers will get report up until then showing what their monthly usage has been. Then they will be provided information on the new premium plans with higher caps to those who use more data. Frontier has an estimated 559,300 broadband subscribers. This is another service that once you are locked into a contract you are going to be pretty much at the provider’s mercy. Here at Tea512, we hate nothing more than that.

Third time for me – not for you

New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has approached Rupert Murdoch, (News Corporation), Arthur Sulzberger Jr (The New York Times) and Mortimer B. Zuckerman (Daily News) the most powerful media figures in the city. To find out if their publications would endorse the overturn of New York City’s term limits, so he could run for re-election next year. As without an overturn he will be forced to leave office in January 2010. In another case of what sounds good before the lection and applies to someone else is not good when it come to me. Where have we heard all this before? It was not long ago, he was opposed to making any changes to the term limits law, which grants elected officials only two consecutive terms in office. This was passed by New York voters in 1993, and polls show they remain in favor of them. The biggest supporter is cosmetics heir billionaire Ronald S. Lauder spent four million of his own money in 1993 to get the term limits passed. Mayor Bloomberg as recent as December of 07 said the city council should be removed of the ability to change term limits. The biggest supporter is Governor David A Paterson saying the Mayor has done a fine job and should get to finish what he started. The reason is because if Mayor Bloomberg is running for mayor he would not be running against Paterson for governor in 2010. The backroom deal between the Mayor and City Council President Christine Quinn is looking to make term limits three terms instead of two. She has been opposed to term limits since the jump and this is the perfect avenue to get it. We have seen this before in Massachusetts were a candidate ran saying he was for term limits, then he said he would only stay two terms he won election in 1992 and retired 2007 after 8 elections his idea of term limits is 16 years. That candidate was Marty Meehan the Michael R. Bloomberg of Massachusetts.


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Beyoncé Perfection in a Quadruple Threat

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Beyoncé Giselle Knowles was born September 4th 1981 in Houston, Texas. She was part of the best-selling girl group of all time Destiny’s Child for whom she recorded four smash albums. In 2003 she released her first solo album Dangerously in Love which received five Grammy nominations. Her second solo album B’Day was released in 2006 in total she has sold over 20 million sales in albums. She has been part of four major movie releases including Dreamgirls which she earned a golden Globe nomination. Beyoncé has started working on her third studio album, produced by Timbaland with a rumored title of Virtuoso Intellect. The record company hopes to drop the CD on November 18, 2008. She is also about to be seen in the upcoming film, Cadillac Records in which she has been cast to play singer Etta James, the movie is in post production and will be in theaters soon. Beyoncé is also shooting a movie titled Obsessed which is a thriller film to be released in 2009. Tea512 recognizes Beyoncé for her triple threat talent adding a number four talent as one of the most beautiful women in the world.


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Miley Cyrus cash cow will not stop

Tea512 has mentioned in the past the distain for Hanna Montana and Miley Cyrus circus, which we have never been able to tap into why. This has never happened before as Hillary Duff was never any great talent but it did not bother us. Raven Simone and the Cheetah Girls never had this kind of pure reaction grab the remote and get it off quality. We started to break it down, maybe it is that her dad might have had something with getting her foot in the door. After all he did get himself a spot on the show. Then we thought maybe when she sings, she sounds like a boy, but it could not be that for we have never listened to more than two notes of any song. It must just be her being obnoxious and talentless. That might be the reason because when you think of Jimmy Dodd (original lead mouseketeer), Annette Funicello, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Hillary Duff, Shia LaBeouf, Raven Simone, Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, and Corbin Blue (all worked for Disney) it seems to us all these people have much more talent then Billy Ray Cyrus’s daughter. The other thing is the cash machine angle, have you been in a store lately that was not plastered with H. Montana items? That is the reason we are here today, Disney announced yesterday that there are throwing Miley a 16th birthday party at Disneyland. The 5,000 guests can get in to the party by invitation only. How do you get an invitation, sweepstakes, fan club members, all you have to do is be one of the first 5,000 people to plunk down $250. Is there nothing not for sale with this girl? So the 16th birthday party that will be about a month before her real birthday will gross $1.25 million. We have devoted way to much thought to this subject and must close this post.

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