Britney Spears looky lous arrested

Tea512 is not a big fan of the Hollywood elite; they need to go to the Ivy, walk the red carpet, and basically aim to stay in the spot light. Then they get upset when they cannot even pull out of parking lot because the photogs are snappin photos. They are even more wigged out when they are in their backyard and the Papa-ratzi is hiding in the bushes or the trees across the street. The price of fame is high at this level. When we heard that in Los Angeles two photographers were arrested for loitering near Britney Spears’ home we wonder why this does not happen more often. These two people were both 35 years old; they were also warned to leave the location near Mulholland Drive. Britney spears lives in an exclusive gated neighborhood that other celebrities find keeps the press away. This should happen all the time, we are all for getting photos in public but are strongly against this invasion of privacy of ones own backyard. There needs to be stiffer penalties and more arrests. We have seen photos of Britney in her yard at least three different occasions this last month. We not only are tired of Britney and her hijincks but understand that some of Hollywood (Paris Hilton) wants to be photographed at all times, we think this and blocking the cars with a wall of photographers as someone is leaving a restaurant is crossing the line.

You stole your mama’s car
And your daddy’s plastic credit card

W. Axl Rose 1988

10th Avenue (TICKET) Freeze Out

New Jersey Democratic senior Senator Frank Lautenberg’s who is in his second stint, first served from 1982-2001 then elected in 2003 is now running for re-election. He is the third oldest Senator but no stranger to how the game is played. His campaign for re-election requested to have a Giants Stadium executive give them a block of Bruce Springsteen tickets to be used for a fundraiser. When found out, they would buy $108 tickets in the VIP section, and give them out for a only $1500 donation to his campaign fund, the plan was squashed. The back peddle came after it was found out and looked like ticket scalping. The sidelight to this story is you can buy tickets to the shows at any ticket broker for a lot less then $1500. We also found you could get them at face value from ticket windows. Consequently, we have Bruce Springsteen playing three dates at Giants stadium, NJ in the middle of summer and none of the shows sold out. Dick Zimmer the Republican candidate for the Senate seat is using the gaff, to prove cronyism, and backroom deals, which only proves his opponent does not care about the blue-collar people of New Jersey. There is a anti-scalping law in Jersey that you cannot charge more than 50% of face value for a ticket, that would be $54, the contribution price is 1388% over ticket price. Most of this seems innocent until it appears that it might be a shakedown / payback for federal funding the Stadium received for a rail connection and road improvements.


Livin’ with the danger I’m always on the edge now

W. Axl Rose 1988

Call you on the Slydial

Tea512 came across a new service that is sweet as it is sneaky. Slydial is a free service helping you get to voicemail without worry that the person will pick up the phone. Thats right, you call another person on the cell phone, straight to voicemail, without ringing the phone. All you do is call (267) SLY-DIAL from any phone, then the phone number you are trying not to get, they play a tiny advertisement, and the Slydial call goes straight to VM. The user can pay a fee if they would not like to hear the ads. Then the person you Slydialed is notified they have a VM, they may even get a missed call, depending on their provider. Slydial says they have over 5,000 users, the project was developed from the need to cut International phone costs, this way calls are picked up as VM and not lengthy live communications at International rates. It may have a business use, but when you are running late, or blowing someone off how cool it is to leave a message on the Slydial, getting yourself out of a prickly situation. This may not work to CYA in the flesh, but it is easier to lie in a VM then to a human, especially since VM cannot talk back.


I’ve got a tongue like a razor
A sweet switchblade knife

W. Axl Rose 1987

Who needs the latest stinking Browser?

A study that analyzed the web browser versions seen in visits to Google websites, they show that more than 600 million Internet users do not run the latest version of their browser. This is about only 59.1% use the latest version of their favorite browser. 92 % Firefox users are up to date, compared to 52.5% of Microsoft Internet Explorer users have updated to version 7. Opera users were at 56.1% and only 65.3% of Apple users are running the current version of Safari. So get ready for another add-in as it has been requested that another blinking icon, popup, tray reminder, or a yellow balloon, let the user know the Web browser is out of date and at a risk. This could not be that people may just want to stay on a version that works for them. Maybe the thought of adding another upgrade of software to a machine that is already running slow, is not in their machines best interest. The truth is Adobe Reader used to be 2mb, now it is 30Mb and wants to install a Google toolbar. This is not a browser but it leads into why people will only run O/S updates, as everything seems to come with more bells and whistles then they want. Which in time after times does slow the machine down even more and adds things they do not need? How many times have you seen a machine with a Google toolbar, Google as the search default for IE7 and then a Google taskbar search box? It happens we have seen it, it directly leads to why if it is not broken there is no upgrade, until it breaks, and then you are forced by support to get current.

Always hungry for something
That I haven’t had yet

W. Axl Rose 1987

New Releases 7-22-08

The following are the new releases of DVD movies this week: 

21 (PG-13)

Total Gross $81,159,365

Sony Released on March 28th 2008

Production Budget $35 Million


September Dawn (R)

Total Gross $1,066,555

Slowhand Cinema Released on August 24th

 2007Production Budget $11 Million

The following are the new releases of CD music dropping this week:

Candlebox                                    Into the Sun

   Miley Cyrus                                        Breakout 

The Game                                           L.A.X. 

  Buddy Guy                           Skin Deep 

Say, boy, where you coming from?
Where did you get that point of view?

W. Axl Rose 1987

Nude Yoga, Nude Eating, Nude Comedy Club

Tea512 learned that in the big city of New York there are places where people are getting naked and hanging out. These places include restaurants, yoga club and comedy club. Let try it one at a time the restaurants are rented by about 50 diners who enjoy being naked. Everyone at the dinner party will be naked, except for the staff, by law they must be clothed. This occasion seems like a nude beach except no sand, sitting and eating. Next up is a yoga class naked taught twice a week. This does not seem that off the mark as yoga is supposed to help you with becoming one with your body. Therefore, there is no real shock here although some of the yoga positions might make your neighbor behind you, workout with their eyes closed. The thing we find with this let all get naked and expose ourselves crowd, most of the time it is not someone you would want to see naked in the first place. The last place listed was a Comedy Club, can you imagine? The audience full of naked people and a comedian comes out and starts ripping into the people. This must do wonders for the old adage; imagine them in their underwear so you are not as intimidated by the audience, how about looking at them completely naked. We believe this is a niche club, with the same people attending these events. As always at Tea512 we support naked, naked in public, we usually prefer naked in public by good-looking people. 

I hate to look into those eyes
And see an ounce of pain
W. Axl Rose 1987

New York Times Rejects McCain Editorial

An editorial written by Republican presidential candidate John McCain has been rejected by NYT Op Editor David Shipley. You remember the name, Bill Clinton’s Special Assistant and Speech writer. It appears the Op-ed piece sent by Barrack Obama was printed, but when McCain tried to rebut the article his was rejected. Oh, no there is no bias here; Shipley was quoted saying “It would be terrific to have an article from Senator McCain that mirrors Senator Obama’s piece. To that end, the article would be articulate, in concrete terms, how Senator McCain defines victory in Iraq. Does this establish that the once grand NYT is now cowered itself to be the talking points for the left. The assertion itself is almost liable, did he say that a gentleman running for President is not articulate, does not write in concrete terms and should not have the opinions of disagreement with the other candidate but also ones in line with the NYT. This just gets worse and worse as it is no wonder that decline of the circulation of the once Fit to Print broadsheet is only getting into just over 1 million homes and dropping fast. The good news is the Op-ed piece has shown up all over the Internet so you can hunt it out and read for yourself. This is wrong on two counts, the first an op-ed piece should be able to come from a miner to the President and they all should be treated the same. The other problem and the bigger issue is just because McCain believes the war must end with a US victory and Obama just wants to cut and run, does not mean because the newspaper agrees with Obama, that their voices are the only ones that can be heard.

FaceBook has a New Look

Tea512 reports on they way FaceBook has changed the way their members can converse with each other, as well as share photos and updates. The new design sttarts to appears on Monday July 21, the Wall section is most notably updated, the profile page where you leave comments and photos, adding items is easier as well as report activities like the way minifeed was used. The FaceBook complete turnover to the new design will not be for a couple of weeks. This is an upgrade that was needed as the original use of this system was getting tired and cluttered. People just want to update their profile with an image of last night’s party with a sentence. This new design will allow user to use FaceBook more on the fly. The site also added tabs that are the mainstay of most browsers these days and make for quick moves from page to page. There is also a way to control your feed for what others will see. The feature that should have been removed if FaceBook was serious about user’s privacy rights, is the beacon tracking system. We at Tea512 are in support of capitalism but the tracking of people shopping habits via FaceBook we have always felt as an invasion of privacy and an unintended information grab from their users. We give the new look a thumbs up as it is sleeker and cleaner. This also put the ball back in MySpace court as they are undoubtedly rolling out changes of their own.


Honey now youre my best friend
I want to stay together till the very end

W. Axl Rose 1987

Pelosi throwing stones from a glass house.

This week on CNN, California Democrat and House leader Nancy Pelosi criticized President George Bush, calling him a total failure. She based this many issues facing the country, the economy, the war, and energy. This is really the first time we heard her criticizing the President in a personal attack as opposed to just his policy.  Her counter part in the Senate long ago started attacking the President on a personal level. Let face it there is not going to be too much rallying around for the President, as his approval rating is less than 30%. There is only four months to go before election and a new, more than likely Democrat, will be in the White house on January 20, 2009. Tea512’s  complaint is with Pelosi, who we have always felt is weak and could not lead a girl scout troop, so forget about congress. When Bill Clinton was President, Newt Gingrich ran the house and led with an agenda and a plan. During that time he was the leading policy maker in the country, not the President. This is rare, as well as it has not happened since, but Pelosi has not even stepped up to the plate. For her to drop this bomb on Bush is more than likely her way of dealing with her own uselessness. This congress is heading for uncharted water; they have not passed one spending bill in the longest stretch of the last twenty years. There is less than 25 days left of the term, before summer vacation and the infighting, indecisiveness, and partisan issues are making sure the shutout continues.  The Congressional strangle hold of letting the country suffer until a new candidate takes office is a strategy that is both typical and childish. Even the girl scouts have to ban together to sell cookies to stay alive. Maybe Pelosi could not even run a troop of brownies based on her willingness to work together to get the job done.


Driving your friends crazy
With your life’s insanity

W. Axl Rose 1987

Who is checking out your MySpace?

Tea512 is concerned over new use of social network sites in the courtroom. The first and most recent example is Joshua Lipton who has been charged with drunk driving, after his crash caused serious injuries. Then during his trial pictures on a social network site show him at a Halloween party after the crash dressed as a prisoner with a drink in his hand. He was wearing a black and white striped shirt with an orange jumpsuit, the work jailbird was written on it. The prosecutor used the Facebook photos to show he had no remorse, did not learn his lesson, and was partying it up while his victim was still in a hospital bed. The Judge then sentenced Lipton to two years in jail. We saw this same story happen to Lara Buys, as she was sentenced to a couple of years in prison after her fatal drunk driving case. They might have gone with probation until her MySpace page showed her drinking,  and text that was joking about drinking in general. This of course was between the crash and the trial. The last example is Jessica Binkerd also in a fatal drunk driving crash. Her MySpace page showed after the crash, pictures of her drinking, wearing a shirt with a liquor bottle on the front, another with a belt holding plastic shot glasses. When it came to the day of the trial, they were did not see these photos coming. This is disturbing on so many fronts, that these people are so wrapped up in staying in there social circles they have lost site of the bigger picture. When Internet was first introduced people wanted to keep their name and pictures off the Web. This has changed with Face Book and MySpace where not only are people posting incriminating pictures of themselves, places they hang out, and even intimate details of the life experiences.  There has to be some change in the idea, you can just post everything that happens to you out on the world wide web. These pages are forever and visible by all. The new era of the web is changing as it always does. The new reality is not only are your friends checking out your social network pages, so are your parents, enemies, and now even lawyers and police. Careful what you post and what you say as the (social network) room has more people in it then you can imagine.

Keep pushing for the fortune and fame,

You know it’s all a gamble, When it’s just a game

W. Axl Rose 1987