Our Top Story Tonight….mmm good Burger

First we had to get used to movie product placement, were actors lean against Coke machines, or stand under a sign for a department store, which eventually turned into newly released cars driven before they hit the showroom. This trend then moved to TV, where we are now used to seeing name brand products used by the actors. It was not long ago when actors drank Beer labeled beer in a bar, then went into a faceless department store. The other thing you will notice if you have not already, the advertising on buses, and cabs in all of the Law & Order shows. There has been a Coke Glass in front of the American Idol judges for as long as we can remember. When watching a sporting event everything that you are told is sponsored by something. So there is nothing new here or shocking, until we came across the newscast on KVVU. The station is one of twelve owned by the Meredith Corporation. One of the first product placment was during a lifestyle segment of the moring news show. The anchors sat with McDonalds new iced coffee, which were not touched by anyone during the on air portion. They attempt to say this will not influence the news, as we find this at Tea512 to be a major conflict of interest. During this campaign if McDonalds was found to have used Mad Cow Beef sickening people, how would they articulate the story if at all?Even closer to home example, how about if they found the McDonalds ice coffee used a high level sodium citrate as an acidity regulator. The question becomes would they report the story, remove the cups, then report the story? Would McDonalds pay after they were backhanded with either of these options above? This is not just Elaine having a Snapple at Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment. This is a conflict of interest and blatant chasing the money. Once again Wall Street tries to blur the line between entertainment and news.

It’s all the means to an end, 

I keep on moving along

W. Axl Rose 1988