Sales down – Raise the Price – Genius at NYT

Tea512 first had problems with editorials in NYT keeping John McCain from attacking Obama. Then we found out not only is the circulation down to just over a million papers has come to 620 Eight Avenue in the big city. There has been an over 16% decrease in advertising revenues. So how does the NYT battle such a problem, passing the cost off on the readers? Starting in August the paper will cost a $1.50 instead of a $1.25. The logic here is if the advertisers do not want to pay for ads, the readers will pay more for the paper because they will get more content.  August 18, 2008 the Monday thru Saturday, paper will increase on street corners everywhere. If you combine that with the 4.5% increase in the home delivery prices that have put in place this year, they have you staying or going so to speak. The good news (says NYT) is the Sunday paper will stay at the bloated price of $4.00. At these prices the day of the newspaper, home delivery is only on a decline. Most Americans do not have time to read a newspaper at the end of the day. There will always be business for newspaper that is needed to read on the commute to work, waiting at an appointment or coverage of a special story. The cost of riding the train with paper for a week is $7.50, are we not far away from the commuter getting a radio with headphones, to listen to NPR and a used book for a couple of bucks. We Tea512 think it is an insult to the consumer to raise the price of your service because the market has shifted. We hope this piling on the blue color has an unfortunate backlash.

Looking for a lover in a world
That’s much too dark

W. Axl Rose 1988
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