Pijoo.com – Hate It

Pijoo.com is a website community for bloggers. Bloggers can make friends with others like any other social networking site. There is a function to post a blog item into their system with a slug. Then the community can pass it by or read it. They are sorted by most read (popular) or by latest added. The problem I am having is when a blog post is read then the reader can decide if it was worth their time. You can click on a button called “I Love It” or “I Hate It”. The scores are kept to the left of the post, and the more positive votes for the post the higher in the most popular you will be listed. For some reason there seems to be a maliciousness tone to bloggers grading other bloggers. You would not think this would happen as everyone is in the same game. There is a problem with the system when a person can read the story, then click they hate it based on content, author, language, and grammar, but they do not have to give a reason or leave a name behind of whom they are. There seems to be another disconnect as when a posted received a hate it vote the blogs stats do not show the article being read on the server. If this is the case and it will need further investigation, this is a completely new area of selective bias. Who really cares if a person does not like your post when most people do, right? This is not about that, a bruised ego, or the appetite to be liked that we all have. This is about a website granted the right for people to exchange ideas, expect they allow others to throw stones behind a Vail of secrecy. The only thing that is fair if you say you hate it, say why, or have the user names available of lovers and haters.

I had to put her six feet under
And I can still hear her complain

W. Axl Rose 1988