42 cent thief

Here is some Tea512 Friday Fluff for you. A 43-year-old Bonita Springs, Florida man was arrested Monday morning and was charged with petty theft under $100, a misdemeanor. Why is this even a news story you ask? The arrest was for stealing 42 cents from a mall fountain. The report reads a customer at the Coastland Center mall reported to the mall security guard, a man was stealing money from a fountain outside. The security guard a women apprehended the man holding him until the police arrived. The money from the fountain is donated to Habitat for Humanity of Collier County. He was arrested when they found him in possession of a wet amount of 42 cents in change. There has been some back leash for actually arresting the person and even more proving the 42 cents came from the fountain. The report says the witness reported what they had seen, and signed a statement. Is there anything you can buy in the USA for 42 cents? Had this guy done this before or was this his first time? Is this really all that is going on in Bonita Springs? How many people would report this, if they seen it happen? How many people would actually call the police over it? How many Police would actually arrest the guy? There are so many questions and because it is Friday, let us just sweep it under the rug. Let just call it a cosmic convergence where this guy picked the wrong time to reach in the fountain, the witness made the choice to report, the guard made the choice to detain, the cops made the choice to arrest.


Its hard to see with so many around
you know I don’t like being stuck in the crowd

W. Axl Rose 1988