Britney Spears looky lous arrested

Tea512 is not a big fan of the Hollywood elite; they need to go to the Ivy, walk the red carpet, and basically aim to stay in the spot light. Then they get upset when they cannot even pull out of parking lot because the photogs are snappin photos. They are even more wigged out when they are in their backyard and the Papa-ratzi is hiding in the bushes or the trees across the street. The price of fame is high at this level. When we heard that in Los Angeles two photographers were arrested for loitering near Britney Spears’ home we wonder why this does not happen more often. These two people were both 35 years old; they were also warned to leave the location near Mulholland Drive. Britney spears lives in an exclusive gated neighborhood that other celebrities find keeps the press away. This should happen all the time, we are all for getting photos in public but are strongly against this invasion of privacy of ones own backyard. There needs to be stiffer penalties and more arrests. We have seen photos of Britney in her yard at least three different occasions this last month. We not only are tired of Britney and her hijincks but understand that some of Hollywood (Paris Hilton) wants to be photographed at all times, we think this and blocking the cars with a wall of photographers as someone is leaving a restaurant is crossing the line.

You stole your mama’s car
And your daddy’s plastic credit card

W. Axl Rose 1988