10th Avenue (TICKET) Freeze Out

New Jersey Democratic senior Senator Frank Lautenberg’s who is in his second stint, first served from 1982-2001 then elected in 2003 is now running for re-election. He is the third oldest Senator but no stranger to how the game is played. His campaign for re-election requested to have a Giants Stadium executive give them a block of Bruce Springsteen tickets to be used for a fundraiser. When found out, they would buy $108 tickets in the VIP section, and give them out for a only $1500 donation to his campaign fund, the plan was squashed. The back peddle came after it was found out and looked like ticket scalping. The sidelight to this story is you can buy tickets to the shows at any ticket broker for a lot less then $1500. We also found you could get them at face value from ticket windows. Consequently, we have Bruce Springsteen playing three dates at Giants stadium, NJ in the middle of summer and none of the shows sold out. Dick Zimmer the Republican candidate for the Senate seat is using the gaff, to prove cronyism, and backroom deals, which only proves his opponent does not care about the blue-collar people of New Jersey. There is a anti-scalping law in Jersey that you cannot charge more than 50% of face value for a ticket, that would be $54, the contribution price is 1388% over ticket price. Most of this seems innocent until it appears that it might be a shakedown / payback for federal funding the Stadium received for a rail connection and road improvements.


Livin’ with the danger I’m always on the edge now

W. Axl Rose 1988