Who needs the latest stinking Browser?

A study that analyzed the web browser versions seen in visits to Google websites, they show that more than 600 million Internet users do not run the latest version of their browser. This is about only 59.1% use the latest version of their favorite browser. 92 % Firefox users are up to date, compared to 52.5% of Microsoft Internet Explorer users have updated to version 7. Opera users were at 56.1% and only 65.3% of Apple users are running the current version of Safari. So get ready for another add-in as it has been requested that another blinking icon, popup, tray reminder, or a yellow balloon, let the user know the Web browser is out of date and at a risk. This could not be that people may just want to stay on a version that works for them. Maybe the thought of adding another upgrade of software to a machine that is already running slow, is not in their machines best interest. The truth is Adobe Reader used to be 2mb, now it is 30Mb and wants to install a Google toolbar. This is not a browser but it leads into why people will only run O/S updates, as everything seems to come with more bells and whistles then they want. Which in time after times does slow the machine down even more and adds things they do not need? How many times have you seen a machine with a Google toolbar, Google as the search default for IE7 and then a Google taskbar search box? It happens we have seen it, it directly leads to why if it is not broken there is no upgrade, until it breaks, and then you are forced by support to get current.

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W. Axl Rose 1987