Nude Yoga, Nude Eating, Nude Comedy Club

Tea512 learned that in the big city of New York there are places where people are getting naked and hanging out. These places include restaurants, yoga club and comedy club. Let try it one at a time the restaurants are rented by about 50 diners who enjoy being naked. Everyone at the dinner party will be naked, except for the staff, by law they must be clothed. This occasion seems like a nude beach except no sand, sitting and eating. Next up is a yoga class naked taught twice a week. This does not seem that off the mark as yoga is supposed to help you with becoming one with your body. Therefore, there is no real shock here although some of the yoga positions might make your neighbor behind you, workout with their eyes closed. The thing we find with this let all get naked and expose ourselves crowd, most of the time it is not someone you would want to see naked in the first place. The last place listed was a Comedy Club, can you imagine? The audience full of naked people and a comedian comes out and starts ripping into the people. This must do wonders for the old adage; imagine them in their underwear so you are not as intimidated by the audience, how about looking at them completely naked. We believe this is a niche club, with the same people attending these events. As always at Tea512 we support naked, naked in public, we usually prefer naked in public by good-looking people. 

I hate to look into those eyes
And see an ounce of pain
W. Axl Rose 1987