FaceBook has a New Look

Tea512 reports on they way FaceBook has changed the way their members can converse with each other, as well as share photos and updates. The new design sttarts to appears on Monday July 21, the Wall section is most notably updated, the profile page where you leave comments and photos, adding items is easier as well as report activities like the way minifeed was used. The FaceBook complete turnover to the new design will not be for a couple of weeks. This is an upgrade that was needed as the original use of this system was getting tired and cluttered. People just want to update their profile with an image of last night’s party with a sentence. This new design will allow user to use FaceBook more on the fly. The site also added tabs that are the mainstay of most browsers these days and make for quick moves from page to page. There is also a way to control your feed for what others will see. The feature that should have been removed if FaceBook was serious about user’s privacy rights, is the beacon tracking system. We at Tea512 are in support of capitalism but the tracking of people shopping habits via FaceBook we have always felt as an invasion of privacy and an unintended information grab from their users. We give the new look a thumbs up as it is sleeker and cleaner. This also put the ball back in MySpace court as they are undoubtedly rolling out changes of their own.


Honey now youre my best friend
I want to stay together till the very end

W. Axl Rose 1987