Pelosi throwing stones from a glass house.

This week on CNN, California Democrat and House leader Nancy Pelosi criticized President George Bush, calling him a total failure. She based this many issues facing the country, the economy, the war, and energy. This is really the first time we heard her criticizing the President in a personal attack as opposed to just his policy.  Her counter part in the Senate long ago started attacking the President on a personal level. Let face it there is not going to be too much rallying around for the President, as his approval rating is less than 30%. There is only four months to go before election and a new, more than likely Democrat, will be in the White house on January 20, 2009. Tea512’s  complaint is with Pelosi, who we have always felt is weak and could not lead a girl scout troop, so forget about congress. When Bill Clinton was President, Newt Gingrich ran the house and led with an agenda and a plan. During that time he was the leading policy maker in the country, not the President. This is rare, as well as it has not happened since, but Pelosi has not even stepped up to the plate. For her to drop this bomb on Bush is more than likely her way of dealing with her own uselessness. This congress is heading for uncharted water; they have not passed one spending bill in the longest stretch of the last twenty years. There is less than 25 days left of the term, before summer vacation and the infighting, indecisiveness, and partisan issues are making sure the shutout continues.  The Congressional strangle hold of letting the country suffer until a new candidate takes office is a strategy that is both typical and childish. Even the girl scouts have to ban together to sell cookies to stay alive. Maybe Pelosi could not even run a troop of brownies based on her willingness to work together to get the job done.


Driving your friends crazy
With your life’s insanity

W. Axl Rose 1987