Of course the coffee is FREE

Daytona Beach has a police officer run wild. Lt. Major Garvin, who has been on the force 15 years, failed a polygraph test. He asked for this test then could not beat the machine. Turns out Officer Garvin was going into a local Starbucks as much as six times a night demanding free coffee and tea threatening the employees with slow response time to emergency calls if the charged him. Garvin was fired, as not only was he over stepping the use of his badge with the Starbucks employees, he would also cut in front of the paying customers. Every job has a bad apples, every job has people that try to squeeze everything they can get from the company. There is no surprise that a policeman thinks the stores on his beat should provide him free services even if it is six times a day. 


And every time you think you know just what you are doing
That’s when your troubles exceed  

W. Axl Rose 1987