License – Registration – Indecent Proposal

Tea512 has been pretty rough in these pages on police and politicians. We make no apologies for our opinions as we believe that is the freedom of the first amendment and the right to blog. So when we came across this story out of Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. It appears a woman Elizabeth Ann Kormmes from Iron Mountain, Michigan with the license plate that reads “trouble” was leaving a parking lot. Police were called as the woman appeared drunk; she was easy to track down with that plate. The police then gave her a standard sobriety test which she failed. So she decides that she knows a way she can get out of it. The 30 year old then offered the arresting officer sex and 10,000 dollars cash to let her go. Needless to say she was arrested and charged with drunken driving, bribing a public official and driving with a revoked license. The reason her license was revoked is she had already been arrested and found guilty of drunk driving four previous times. This is why she was ready to do anything to get out of being caught again. It is amazing how many times a person can screw up before they finally wind up behind bars. This woman is a train wreck and without having met her, it would seem jail time is needed for a correction in her life. 

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