Google / Yahoo vs. Microsoft

Yahoo’s has outsourced a deal with Google the deal on June 12 has Microsoft all up in arms because they failed to by Yahoo for 47.5 billion on May 3, to compete with Google. It is funny when Microsoft say another company having a monopoly is no good, it drives up prices and weeds out competition. It must only be good for Microsoft to do this and nobody else. This will mean Google will have close to 90% of the Internet advertising market. We are not sure what Congress can really do about it, other than scare Google into making campaign contributions. The Joint meeting of the House and Senate Judiciary Committee spent time grilling, Google‘s senior VP of corporate development and chief legal officer David Drummond. Drummond claimed that the proposed deal will make the whole system more efficient, and not make Yahoo just another Google product. Of course, nothing happened, as the congressional representative did not pass any judgment on Tuesday. The only comment that we would like to pass along is by the ever-irrelevant Democratic Senator from New York Charles Schumer who is concerned if the deal is good for everyday Internet Users. This is what is wrong with Congress these lifetime self-appointed know it all that understand nothing. We believe that people like Schumer never have to use the Internet that has paid staff to Google search for them. We say this because the only person that could be hurt by this deal are the people who by advertising on the web. Which have always been you get what you pay for meduim and if you ask too much you will not get it.