Stay of My Network

There is a disgruntled city computer engineer in San Francisco who has altered the new multimillion-dollar computer network to deny access to top administrators. He is sitting in jail with a $5 million dollar bail. Terry Childs, a 43-year-old computer network administrator has been charged with four counts of computer tampering. The city’s new FiberWAN system Childs denied officials thier e-mails, access to city payroll, and even law enforcement documents. He created an administrative password then locked out everyone else. There are some allegations they tried to fire him, as he was keeping track of all the interdepartmental communications because of his ability to watch the wire. The city officials are not sure if he can still access the machine through remote communications, or has set up time delayed rogue attacks. They have not found any destruction of public records, although we know that is an option. We at Tea512 love this kind of story because people use computers all the time and the never think some is watching over it. So people send dirty emails to coworkers, or put an excel spreadsheet with the company salaries on a shared drive, even create a document describing a sexcapade with a significant other. We who work in IT see these things all the time. You do not have to snoop for anything as most of the time the best nuggets is right under your nose. This story does have a Terminator / Matrix feel to it though as the city wide networks are compromised. Only in the movies it is a machine growing inside out, this is an employee growing from the inside out.

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