The West Is Taking Over

A report today that Dubai, United Arab Emirates are cracking down on visitors from the west for getting too wild on their beaches. The police are cracking down on topless sunbathing, nudity and other indecent behavior, which has resulted in more than 70 arrests. They are using mobile undercover police; they have even built new watchtowers to curb the behavior. Dubai is Muslim city-state, where a new decency campaign was put in place after a British man and a woman were caught allegedly having sex on one of Dubai beaches. This public awareness campaign was issued to remind all Western visitors that the city is a Muslim country with traditionally conservative values. So let us get this straight they enjoy the capitalism they have learned from the west, the have a booming economy, as they do not have to worry about attacks from Saddam Hussein. Therefore, it is OK when the Westerners that are there help to strengthen the UAE economy, I understand they want to keep their beaches from turning into Spring Break at Fort Lauderdale. This is terrible for a region where women are considered less than a man; we at Tea512 think it is great that topless sunbathing has found its way to the region. We hope that this will help the female population of that country realize the amazing power they have, the ability to bronze their skin under the blazing sun. The ability to make the men drool is a power I am sure the women of that region would surely be happy to begin to enjoy.