New Yorker Magazine Cover

We thought we would weigh in on the Barack Obama New Yorker Magazine cover, you probably have seen it by now. Obama in the Oval office burning the flag, dressed like a Muslim doing a fist pump with his wife who looks like a Radical freedom fighter with a machine gun over a shoulder. There is a portrait Bin Laden over the fireplace and it has caused quite a stir.  The magazine dated July 21, 2008 is really a tongue and check attempt to show how the smear machine is trying to portray the Democratic Candidate. The problem is this is the first time Obama had any fun poked at him in the whole campaign. You cannot put on TV without hearing a John McCain is old joke. For the most part if you can tell us a joke that has been told about Obama, we would love to hear it. The press loves this guy and Hollywood loves this guy. They are so afraid to make one bad comment because they made fun of Al Gore being robotic, he lost. Then they made fun of John Kerry about his well to do lifestyle and rich wives. There is point where the smear of the wounds received for his purple hearts caught up to him and they were even fair game, then he lost. So here we are five months from election and the gloves never came off on Obama. Here is a surprise prediction the John Stewart and Chris Matthews of the world have their heads so far up this guys tail he will get a free ride to November. Then there is Hollywood who will not let loose with any late night humor to derail the Obama bus. If there is nothing there, there is nothing there, but for everyone to be outraged the first time the guy is poked fun at is only a hint of what is about, or not about to come. The problem is they poked fun at John Kerry because they thought there is no way he could lose. Nobody will be taking that chance again.