Keep it on – Keep it all ON!

A 75-year-old stripper from San Francisco has showed up in England at the Edinburgh Fringe. Her name is  Lynn Ruth Miller, a former journalist who has only been stripping for three years, she calls the show Ageing is Amazing. You probably do not want any details but here are a few, the first song is strip polka, which after four minutes leaves the 75 year old in nothing but underwear laced with bells and feathers. The people whom have seen the show say that it is very entertaining. This is a terrible idea because if I had plunked down money to see some naked, I would not consider this a value for my money. The only person that could find a 75-year-old naked woman hot – is a 95-year-old man. Why can we not just admit there are certain things you cannot do, it is not because you are discriminated against it is because no one wants to see it. I will never  be an Olympic sprinter because I cannot run fast, I am not discriminated against I just am not that fast. Stripping should be left to the people with bodies that people are attracted to seeing. We understand these are all types, blonde-haired, brown-haired, redhead, big breasts, chubby, even ones with their feet out.  We hope that this is not a new trend, which will be the new rage at strip clubs. Costing the patron 20 minutes of time waiting for something worth seeing naked to come on the stage.