Deadwood R.I.P.

Tea512 has learned that Deadwood the acclaimed HBO series that had a three year run with 36 total episodes.  The show set in the 1800’s in a town called Deadwood, South Dakota which was filled with corruption, violence and greed. The last episode aired on August 27, 2006 and since that time there had been rumors of one if not two Deadwood movies to finish the series. The shoes creator David Milch of NYPD Blue fame left a few unanswered questions as the final episode concluded. The real town of Deadwood, South Dakota were we at Tea512 believe the story would have ended with the fire of September 26, 1879 which destroyed over 300 buildings and sent most of the camps inhabitants onward west. The story has ened with the series as HBO execs all but dropped the Deadwood casket in the ground saying the project never left the discussion phase and most of the actors have already moved on. You can never say never in Hollywood, were for example when the first Hulk movie does not work try it again in five years and see what happens. It is sad the Deadwood saga has ended as it was a great show about real events and real people, giving the viewer a glimpse of what the 1800’s must have been like as the country was trying to stretch out across the land.