San Fermin Bull Run – No American Gladiators

The annual San Fermin Festival which was the fourth run through the streets of Pamplona. This run featured bulls weighing up to 1,540 pounds about the biggest a fighting bull can be. The pack of fighting bulls ran down the street and gored a Spaniard, knocked an American unconscious and injured five other people on the way to the bull ring. One of the injured runners stopped, and then he turned around to face the charging bulls, needless to say they trampled over him over. The say the rule is to keep moving; running preferred, if you must stop hit the ground as they should run around you, no guarantees. These runs to the city bullring take place at 8 am, after they get to the ring the Professional matadors fight, and usually kill, the bulls each afternoon of the festival. The city has reported that only fourteen runners have been killed in the running of the bulls since 1924.  The last death was in 2003 which was a 63 year old Pamplona native who was trampled went into a coma and died several months later. You have to love this tradition as in the United States there would be so many groups against this whole exercise. PETA because the animals are as good as died when they get to the ring, the pay scale for the bullfighters would be insane after all they would be unionized. Then the government would step in an make the runner wear helmets as well as limit the runners to some kind of pay tax lottery to run. Guess were just stuck with American Gladiators and Wipeout.