Sinsations – plenty of room in the front row

You know things are tough all over when read something like this from the strip club Sinsations in Jacksonville, Florida. They are saying that because of the rising prices of gas, food, and travel it is having an effect on the adult entertainment industry. The first noticeable place is the lunch crowd, which now is down to patrons a day. Clubs in the area have had to lay off staff, cut prices, and even limit hours of operation. Sinsations income has dropped by roughly 35% in recent months. The dancers are reporting that their income has been slashed from around a thousand a week to a couple of hundred bucks. The clubs have even rasied the prices of the songs per dance. If you did not know, some clubs charge dancers per song. So you get a 4 song set for 100 dollars or 25 bucks a song. The dance can make that back by the third song and the fourth song is all gravy. In these times, the song charge has been raised to 35 dollars a song. Things are tough all over but you have to admit if you are someone who spent 100 dollars a month at one of these establishments it is a way to add back to your budget by moving these entertainment funds to other needs. The patrons that are not going will probably have to sit a home and watch porn on the computer or old VHS tapes. The things we must do when it get tough all over.