Breaking the Law – Cost more

The rising cost of fuel has turned some US cities to look to weighs to cut costs. Instead of removing municipal employees, rights to take city owned vehicles home, and stop them from wasting the gas the city has paid for, to just go back and forth to work and Walmart. They must be more resourceful and creative, the town of Holly Springs, Georgia outside Atlanta came up with a good way to help offset the cost of police patrols. They are now adding a fuel surcharges to speeding tickets. The surcharge is twelve dollars for each moving violation. The idea is based on the fact the speeders are wasting fuel as the faster you drive the more gas you use. To catch a speeding car the police must catch the perpetrator and to do so they must speed. We believe at Tea512 the rising cost of fuel has to start a dialog of how there are things that can be done to help the situation. Does every city need this many pick up trucks for their Public works department? Do public figures need five car envoys to get from location to location? We under stand the safety reasons and the need public works vehicles, but for instant revenue shortfalls could there not be some cutting at the top. Rest assure that if this does not happen then the only way for a city to make up the shortfall is to—you guessed it, raise taxes.