Tarantino – Inglorious Bastards – Finally

Tea512 has learned Quentin Tarantino has pitched the script of Inglorious Bastards to four major studios. This movie will see a reuniting of sorts on the production end as Lawrence Bender and Harvey Weinstein have been linked to the project. The last offering from QT was Grindhouse / Deathproof, which tanked at the box office, some people believe he may have jumped the shark with Kill Bill 1 & 2. This movie is about World War II and has been rumored since 2001. The story, which QT would like to get Brad Pitt for a role, it is about a group of soldiers who on their way to be executed, they get a shot a redemption along the way. Tea512 has been a big fan of Reservoir Dogs, Dusk til Dawn and huge supporter of Pulp Fiction. The CSI episode directed by QT was the best in the shows run, and Kill Bill 1 & 2 had just enough martial arts that it did not feel like a Jackie Chan movie. We at Tea512 love QT and will support whatever work he releases, as we feel he is the Director of our generation.