Senator Al Franken from MN – Please lose the Signal

Tea512 was stunned to learn, Al Franken running as a democrat, against incumbent Norm Coleman a republican, for a Senate seat from Minnesota. So Minnesota voters careful what you wish for, Al Franken, has spent 30 years as a professional comedian before turning to politics. The funny thing is for as successful and well known he is, his track record has some gapping holes. He was very successful as a comedy writer for SNL back in the day. Many of his on screen skits lacked the delivery of the ones he wrote for other comedians with more on screen bravado. As an author he has taken shots at fox news and Bill O’Rielly which also have been successful. This of course was only a flavor of the day as these works have landed in the buck a book shelves were they are now collecting dust. Then his last project, Air America a left wing liberal radio station that sent to the airwaves across America. This was going to battle the right wing radio strangles hold on that medium. Franken sunk a ton of his own cash into the project, which ultimately failed.  Teea512 has stated many times left wing liberals listen to music not talk radio and Franken unfortunately paid the price for thinking he could change that. Now it is politics, it is almost like the old saying those who can do, those who cannot teach. Here is a prime example of someone really not being able to do anything else. Thanks to the last 10 years of his life in New York circles, left wing book releases, and the radio show, he is primed to parley the whole thing into a run at the senate. Let just hope the voters see this as a bad SNL skit, you know the one where Franken has a satellite dish on his head as he pretends to be doing a live remote from a far away dangerous place. Hopefully we will all lose reception to this signal and he will fade into the night.