July 4th High jinks in White Trash Mobil Park

A man was arrested July 4th after trying to ride a snowmobile across Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire. The lake was not frozen and the snowmobile was not on a raft. The man from Wolfeboro, NH was 20 years old traveling near Spindle point if you are familiar with the area. The snowmobile sank in the lake, when the man was pulled from the water he was wearing a wearing a life jacket and a helmet that had a video camera attached. The officer on the scene said that to skim across the water, the snowmobile would have had to be going at a high speed, although was not sure how fast he was driving before he sank (not fast enough.) The man was charged with reckless conduct. What kind of crazy thing goes of in your head to think you can use a snowmobile in July, on water and video tape it. Just a guess but I would think based on the holiday, and the location there was alcohol involved. The lake was filled with boaters who were enjoying the holiday as they watched this clown perform a live jackass stunt before their very eyes.