Congress has single digit good job rating.

A survey of voters by Rasmussen Reports says that for the first time in the history of the report, Congress good rating is lower than 10%. Actually only 9% of the voters asked thought, congress was doing a good job. In fact, 52% thought they were doing a poor job. This decline started in the beginning of the year at 15% to last months 11%. This does not seem to be across party lines either as the decline was reported by both democrat and republican voters. Is this any surprise to anyone? The democrat lead congress has tried to kill everything the republican executive branch has thrown at it. The republican executive branch has vetoed everything the legislative branch has tried to do. There are no bipartisan dealings at work, it is either all one way or the other, and neither side is budging. Is it any wonder voters are being fed up with both sides? The bigger issue is unless something drastic happens this trend will continue, as neither Presidential candidate appears to be able to unite the country. This is true as the report also found that 55% thought congresses is unlikely address the important problems facing our nation. Only 14% believe that congress is trying to help the people, while 72% think they are only interested in furthering their careers. That my friend says it all.