YouTube must give Viacom video logs

Tea512 watches another Internet Privacy vote go unconcerned by a federal judge. Today’s example is Vaicom infringement case against YouTube.  As the video behemoth must fork over who watches their content. The U.S. District Judge Louis L. Stanton who obviously only concerned in getting his name in the paper then personal freedom. Could there be chance a media giant like Viacom using this list after victory to try to squeeze pennies from the users. Viacom won the ruling because they say it will prove more people are watching copywrited clips then the amateur clips. There is a shock Southpark more times then a cat flushing a toilet. The data just for Viacom lawyers will include username or email addresses and an IP address. This information would be massive; YouTube lawyers claim it could be as much as 12 terabytes of data. This is no small potato lawsuit as Google who owns YouTube is being sued for 1 billion dollars. The problem is the constitutional free-speech rights, and the right to read or view materials anonymously. Viacom of course is saying the information will be used in highly confidential manner. Does this judge think it would be wise to forget the free speech in the constitution or maybe he has a deal in mind to be the new Judge Wapner. This lawsuit is all about money as always as Viacom has recently signed deals to allow content on Comcast, Joost, and Hulu.