Video Games New Washed Up Band Revenue Stream

Tea512 never a big fan of Aerosmith are headlining a new video game. Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. This is the latest from Activision franchise which lets players jam on air guitar via remote control to songs on their game systems. The exciting news is Activsion is in talks to do this with Metallica, releasing later this year, and they are also in talks with Van Halen.  Activison is not the only game in town as MTV has produced Rock Band which also uses band provided content in its games. CD sales keep falling this is a way for bands to increase revenue. Last year Guitar Hero was the top selling video game franchise with 280 million dollars in sales. Guitar Hero, II, & III sold almost 11 million copies of these titles last year. There is talk that this deal for Aerosmith they will make more money then they have from their last 10 studio albums. Same Old Song and Dance by Aerosmith was used in Guitar Hero III, which saw sales of the song skyrocket after only a week of use in the game. There is one band not on the gravy train, Led Zeppelin. Bummer. This happens to be not about money but letting Activision have master tapes of recordings. This is a crucial component to tying the game to the songs. So here is another revenue stream for washed up musicians to sell the songs they made when they were kids and hungry. This is because the songs they are writing today nobody wants to hear. We would be really excited about the games that are about one band that can make you simulate what it is like to be Eddie Van Halen or James Hetfield as you go from garage band to stadium act. We just hope it is not long before we can do this as Slash, Jimi Hendrix, and Angus Young.