I Can’t Drive 55

Tea512 has learned that Senator John Warner a Republican from Virginia has the idea of rolling the speed limit back to 55 as a national standard. Talk about getting in the way back machine. Congress in 1974 set a national speed limit due to the energy crisis. In 1995 this was repealed. The good Senator Warner claims this will save 167,000 barrels of oil a day, and avoid about 4,000 traffic deaths a year, maybe even more because it seemed he was using the numbers from 1974 and today there are more cars. Senator Warner noted the Department of Energy Web site claims that fuel efficiency decreases rapidly when traveling faster than 60 mph. Every additional 5 mph over that threshold is estimated cost motorists an additional 30 cents per gallon in fuel costs. The question is will this work, the speed limit is 65 and people are going 75. If the speed limit was 55 people will go 65. I suppose this makes a lot of sense but it seems that a residential neighborhood speed limit is 30. You cannot even double that on a highway, with everyone going in the same direction with no ability to turn off only switch lanes. I guess this is what must be done to help then it seems like a small sacrifice because if you want to drive 75 there is nothing stopping you. You could get pulled over for going 20 miles over the speed limit; you will be wasting 90 cents per gallon based on the Department of Energy website. On the bright side Sammy Hager will get new revenue as media, radio stations, and TV outlets all use “I Can’t drive 55” as a lead in to the story as it develops.