What a Prince – Purple Rain on them

Tea512 – Thursday fluff because tomorrow is the Fourth of July and today is the last day of the work week. Prince turned 50 years old on June 7th, who cares I know but it does get better. Bet you did not know there was a big Prince following in Norway. A new 5-disc box set of Prince Songs to mark this occasion has 81 songs covered by 50 different artists for C+C records. They produced 5,000 of these box sets called “Shockadelica”, which has reached as high as #8 on the Norwegian charts. You do not need permission to cover a song as long as you pay a license fee of for each song about 10¢. Therefore, for every one of these that sold Prince would get about $8.00 dollars. C+C kept the price low so it was affordable and no one made any money from the project. So they did not think they owed Prince anything except maybe a free copy. When they sent him his free copy, C+C did not hear from Prince on how honored he was with the tribute. They heard from his lawyer with a demand that all copies of the box set be destroyed. Based on my math Prince at a minimum is due $40,000 dollars. Based on my thoughts, does he need it or is his head so big on that short little purple body that he believes his music should not be compromised. In true hubris of an entertainer, this will be solved with C+C splitting the profit 50-50 or not getting the rights to use the music at all.