Screen Actors Guild Strike – Here we go again

Screen Actors Guild (SAG) contract with the Major Hollywood Studios- The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) ended today at 12:01 AM PST, both sides said they will work under the old contract. The studios made a final offer, which SAG would take at least a day to review the 43-page proposal. The offer is 250 million in additional revenue over a three term. Some production work has already been shutdown as everyone holds there breathe as there is not a great feeling that an agreement will be reached. The rubber meets the road as AMPTP say the will not take a counter offer as they drew a line in the sand. SAG has criticized the offer almost immediately over rerun, internet, DVD sales residuals, and advertising placed in scripts. You know the SAG member love to go to the mailbox and get a kiss in the mail. Does all this sound familiar about five months ago did we not hear the same thing about the writers strike that lasted 100 days? There are about 120,000 member of the SAG union. The AMPTP warned that a strike would cost actors about $2.5 million a day; the industry itself would lose about $13.5 million a day and California about $23 million a day. Once again, this many people affected by this course of event appear at a stalemate. Let us just hope this one since there is so much money involved they can find a middle ground.