Driving Down 1st Drop Since 1980

Tea512 notices that when United States drivers start paying record prices gas, they have driven less for the 17th straight month. That means this will be the first year in the last 27 where the driving rate actually went down. The streak of months on the decline is also the longest since 1979. In the month of May the number fell 3.7 percent. The May number was a total of 254 billion miles which is the lowest we have seen for one month since 2003.The total for the year is down 2.4 percent as we are already passed the big driving months of June and July. It is amazing how many sectors of the economy this effects from tourism, casinos, hotels, camp sites, rest stops, and restaurants. People are just not traveling far from home, more riders are taking public transportation and scooter sales are climbing. The days of climbing in the family station wagon on a Sunday to drive for an hour for an ice cream and a view of a beach are taking a hit, just as much as the road trip to Disney.

You day’s been numbered
And I’ve read your last page

W. Axl Rose 1991

Arctic Might Have 90 Billion Barrels of Oil

If that is true, that is a 12-year supply for the United States. This report is in conflict with a Russian report that claims there is much less there. There is an for all intents and purposes unexplored in the artic for petroleum. This is the largest unexplored area for petroleum on Earth. Based on the history it takes about 10 years for reserves to get to market. This study used about 8.2 million square miles above the Artic circle, with comparable distinctiveness to oil and gas finds in the rest of the world. There is an exact set of conditions to create oil, they do not just happen, and they are not everywhere. The good part of the study is it only considered finding that use existing methods so the number is attainable. This is on top of the 240 billion barrels that is in 400 fields that have been capped. They are not being drilled because of the lack of pipeline and shipping stations. There is a report that demand for oil is up to over 86 million barrels a day. The United States uses over 7.3 billion barrels a year. The only truth is once it is gone there is no more. This is a Math equation and it does have a result.

Scrounging’ for change, To put some money in your pocket
My how scratch does burn

W. Axl Rose 1991

We Love the Wii

Tea512 has had a Nintendo Wii for a little over two months. This is the best gaming system ever created. The whole family uses it. There are children using it from ages 4 through 14, even women use the Wii. This is not using some nerdy controller as they made play games on the TV fun. It is no wonder that Nintendo 1Q report was 34% higher than expected. They have the Wii; Wii Fit, Mario Kart, and DS franchise, things are all good in the Tokyo headquarters these days. The last total I had seen was they have sold 29.6 million Wii machines worldwide since its arrival in late 2006. If you have tried to buy one you know how hard, this thing is to find. The Wii is a lot of fun family activity and with the wand controllers it is nothing but fun.

 You got to make it your own way
But you’ll be alright now sugar

W. Axl Rose 1991

New Releases July 29th 2008

These are the new releases in DVD: 

Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo (R)

Total Gross $38,108,728

New Line Released on April 25th 2008

Production Budget $12 Million

Never Back Down (PG-13)

Total Gross $24,850,922

Summit Released on March 14th 2008

Production Budget $20 Million

Doomsday (R)

Total Gross $11,008,770

Universal Released on March 14th 2008



 Shine a Light (PG-13)

Total Gross $5,371,629

Paramount Released on April 4th 2008


The Band’s Visit (PG-13)

Total Gross $3,054,457

Summit Released on February 8th 2008

These are the new releases in Music:   

Sugarland                                         Love on the Inside


Alice Cooper                                    Along Came A Spider


Rick Springfield                              Venus in Overdrive


Scars on Broadway                       Scars on Broadway


Kidz Bop 14                                      Kids Bop 14

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Clear Channel 900 + channels online radio

Tea512 has learned that the San Antonio company Clear Channel Communications, the largest US owner and operator of radio stations will launch an online radio network that has more than 900 stations. This will be done in conjunction with the Katz Media Group. It will be called the Katz Online Network, using existing Clear Channel radio stations website, plus other radio and independent online stations. This will include both AM/FM stations and will launch with a new website next month. This is another change due to the digital revolution. As much as we see the newspaper being killed by the Internet, this just as eBay did for the yard sale, AM/FM radio could see the same rebirth. eBay changed the way users buy used stuff from local people only on Saturday and Sunday, to being able to search through millions of things daily. Radio listeners will now enjoy the same freedom from the desktop as they will be able for example to find multiple jazz stations, or listen to morning drive from Los Angeles on the East coast, home sick people can get a fix of local news from any where the website will take them. There was no mention of this turning into a pay as you go service as the Katz Media Group will handle the marketing and advertising that is going to fund the site. It is great to see more behemoth companies embracing the digital age instead of locking down and hiding away access to content.

Sometimes these things just seem to rip you right in two

Oh no man don’t let them get to you

W. Axl Rose 1991
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Lionsgate – Google / YouTube

The tide is changing as the big pockets of Google have attracted some Hollywood love, which just might save the YouTube from falling to obscurity. Lions Gate Entertainment has signed a revenue sharing deal. The early details are a little sketchy as Lions Gate has movies and television shows under their production. The early buzz is there will be a Lions Gate channel on YouTube. The Loins Gate content would be mostly promotional and short clips, with a future eye on moving toward pay for content full length video. This is a great score for YouTube as they will not get any content from Viacom product as long as the lawsuit is open. Google/YouTube could not decide how to turn over Information. This also spells a problem for Hulu as they were trying to corner this market share. Hulu must have thought between the lawsuit with Vaicom, and the strange array of videos on YouTube this type of deal would never happen. This is a big score for Google to keep this huge acquisition viable, because if they were stuck with just homemade videos it more than likely will be a Netscape style collapse. The other question is will there be any profit in the alliance as paying YouTube is not something people are used to doing.


But times are hard and thrills are cheaper
As your arms get shorter your pockets get deeper

W. Axl Rose 1991

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Our Top Story Tonight….mmm good Burger

First we had to get used to movie product placement, were actors lean against Coke machines, or stand under a sign for a department store, which eventually turned into newly released cars driven before they hit the showroom. This trend then moved to TV, where we are now used to seeing name brand products used by the actors. It was not long ago when actors drank Beer labeled beer in a bar, then went into a faceless department store. The other thing you will notice if you have not already, the advertising on buses, and cabs in all of the Law & Order shows. There has been a Coke Glass in front of the American Idol judges for as long as we can remember. When watching a sporting event everything that you are told is sponsored by something. So there is nothing new here or shocking, until we came across the newscast on KVVU. The station is one of twelve owned by the Meredith Corporation. One of the first product placment was during a lifestyle segment of the moring news show. The anchors sat with McDonalds new iced coffee, which were not touched by anyone during the on air portion. They attempt to say this will not influence the news, as we find this at Tea512 to be a major conflict of interest. During this campaign if McDonalds was found to have used Mad Cow Beef sickening people, how would they articulate the story if at all?Even closer to home example, how about if they found the McDonalds ice coffee used a high level sodium citrate as an acidity regulator. The question becomes would they report the story, remove the cups, then report the story? Would McDonalds pay after they were backhanded with either of these options above? This is not just Elaine having a Snapple at Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment. This is a conflict of interest and blatant chasing the money. Once again Wall Street tries to blur the line between entertainment and news.

It’s all the means to an end, 

I keep on moving along

W. Axl Rose 1988

Sales down – Raise the Price – Genius at NYT

Tea512 first had problems with editorials in NYT keeping John McCain from attacking Obama. Then we found out not only is the circulation down to just over a million papers has come to 620 Eight Avenue in the big city. There has been an over 16% decrease in advertising revenues. So how does the NYT battle such a problem, passing the cost off on the readers? Starting in August the paper will cost a $1.50 instead of a $1.25. The logic here is if the advertisers do not want to pay for ads, the readers will pay more for the paper because they will get more content.  August 18, 2008 the Monday thru Saturday, paper will increase on street corners everywhere. If you combine that with the 4.5% increase in the home delivery prices that have put in place this year, they have you staying or going so to speak. The good news (says NYT) is the Sunday paper will stay at the bloated price of $4.00. At these prices the day of the newspaper, home delivery is only on a decline. Most Americans do not have time to read a newspaper at the end of the day. There will always be business for newspaper that is needed to read on the commute to work, waiting at an appointment or coverage of a special story. The cost of riding the train with paper for a week is $7.50, are we not far away from the commuter getting a radio with headphones, to listen to NPR and a used book for a couple of bucks. We Tea512 think it is an insult to the consumer to raise the price of your service because the market has shifted. We hope this piling on the blue color has an unfortunate backlash.

Looking for a lover in a world
That’s much too dark

W. Axl Rose 1988
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Pijoo.com – Hate It

Pijoo.com is a website community for bloggers. Bloggers can make friends with others like any other social networking site. There is a function to post a blog item into their system with a slug. Then the community can pass it by or read it. They are sorted by most read (popular) or by latest added. The problem I am having is when a blog post is read then the reader can decide if it was worth their time. You can click on a button called “I Love It” or “I Hate It”. The scores are kept to the left of the post, and the more positive votes for the post the higher in the most popular you will be listed. For some reason there seems to be a maliciousness tone to bloggers grading other bloggers. You would not think this would happen as everyone is in the same game. There is a problem with the system when a person can read the story, then click they hate it based on content, author, language, and grammar, but they do not have to give a reason or leave a name behind of whom they are. There seems to be another disconnect as when a posted received a hate it vote the blogs stats do not show the article being read on the server. If this is the case and it will need further investigation, this is a completely new area of selective bias. Who really cares if a person does not like your post when most people do, right? This is not about that, a bruised ego, or the appetite to be liked that we all have. This is about a website granted the right for people to exchange ideas, expect they allow others to throw stones behind a Vail of secrecy. The only thing that is fair if you say you hate it, say why, or have the user names available of lovers and haters.

I had to put her six feet under
And I can still hear her complain

W. Axl Rose 1988

42 cent thief

Here is some Tea512 Friday Fluff for you. A 43-year-old Bonita Springs, Florida man was arrested Monday morning and was charged with petty theft under $100, a misdemeanor. Why is this even a news story you ask? The arrest was for stealing 42 cents from a mall fountain. The report reads a customer at the Coastland Center mall reported to the mall security guard, a man was stealing money from a fountain outside. The security guard a women apprehended the man holding him until the police arrived. The money from the fountain is donated to Habitat for Humanity of Collier County. He was arrested when they found him in possession of a wet amount of 42 cents in change. There has been some back leash for actually arresting the person and even more proving the 42 cents came from the fountain. The report says the witness reported what they had seen, and signed a statement. Is there anything you can buy in the USA for 42 cents? Had this guy done this before or was this his first time? Is this really all that is going on in Bonita Springs? How many people would report this, if they seen it happen? How many people would actually call the police over it? How many Police would actually arrest the guy? There are so many questions and because it is Friday, let us just sweep it under the rug. Let just call it a cosmic convergence where this guy picked the wrong time to reach in the fountain, the witness made the choice to report, the guard made the choice to detain, the cops made the choice to arrest.


Its hard to see with so many around
you know I don’t like being stuck in the crowd

W. Axl Rose 1988